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  1. when people are told to repent, just openly, saying, repent… do they know what to repent from?

    ie: if I told someone to “repent”
    would they know what I am talking about?
    Would they know what to repent from?

  2. The answer came to me later…
    Repent for the Kingdom of God is at hand,
    The other part is needed, as, it means judgement is coming. Analogy would be similar too a mother saying to her child… “wait till your father comes home” (Judgement is coming) repent all by itself,
    without the knowledge of coming judgment, is not as powerful as, repent, the Lord Jesus is coming (or, the kingdom of God is at hand) will have to look at other phrases that come after the word repent, which makes the word, repent, more powerful. Thanks, jean

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