America’s Ark by Dov Schwarz

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Is this the same America that you remember? What is the cause of all the trouble and where is the USA headed? In the Bible the LORD gives the prescription for His people that will heal their land. But what happens when they refuse the cure? Immediately after the horrifying events of 9/11 there was a Bible verse often quoted:

2 Chronicles 7: 14 if My people who are called by My name will humble themselves, and pray and seek My face, and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin and heal their land.

But statistics and the condition of our very sick country demonstrate that His people have not listened. There is another Bible passage that tells us what the LORD does when His people refuse to listen and persist in their own way. This powerful passage also warns us of things we are seeing in the news, and feeling in our hearts, indicating that America will be an increasingly dangerous place in the coming days. Thankfully, our merciful Messiah provided a place of refuge found in scriptures from the Old Testament book of Ezekiel that will be the only safe harbor for Americans today.


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7 thoughts on “America’s Ark by Dov Schwarz

  1. Those of you who are here on the site that have not known of Jesus love for all people before, may you find a new place in your hearts for Him and the truth that will make your hearts sing. He is the answer to everything in the world for all people and to learn about Him is wonderful. May God place special blessings in your lives so that you too know Him. Share Him with others once you have learned…and bless them too.

  2. I’m impressed! You’ve gathered much information, my brother. Though we are led to free ourselves from that which binds us. Free ourselves from the need to buy for survival. Our Lord tells us he WILL provide. Do you not have faith he will provide? All the information you share, yet sell the one piece which saves us.. Our Lord spoke, “when the time comes, I will lead my people.”, we do not have to buy. How furious and hurt our Lord was when he found buying and selling in his Temple.. Our Lord says, “Have faith and do not fear, for I am with you… Seek the light.”.. I pray you do not lead, or be led, estray. LOVE, COMPASSION, FAITH,
    NOT fear.
    Thank you for sharing. May the Lord guide and may the Lord bless you, always.

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