About Dov Schwarz

Dov was born to a Jewish mother and a Gentile father. His mother and father were divorced while he was a toddler. His mother was born again after she and Dov’s father were divorced. Dov made a profession of faith as a young boy, but as the time came to choose the world or the Lord Jesus, Dov chose the world.

Pastor Dov Schwarz

After many years and painful consequences of sinful living in the world–Jesus Christ saved Dov at the age of 32. God also put within Dov the undeniable desire to tell others of this great God and Savior! After years of Bible training in the church (Ephesians 4:11,12) Dov began his teaching ministry.

The Pastors at the Church Dov was attending in Houston, TX recognized God’s call on his life and licensed him to the gospel ministry.

Then God raised up Watch Therefore Ministries. The name reflects how we as Born-Again Believers in Jesus need to be living in these last days. Since this time of calling Pastor Dov Schwarz has been has been led by God to create a division of Watch Therefore Ministries called Poured Out For Africa. The ministry vision has three primary elements:

1) Preach the gospel and make disciples in many countries in Africa.

2) Visit and assist orphans from AIDS and other diseases, famine, wars, genocide, etc. in many countries in Africa, which would include raising them up in the admonition of the Lord Jesus.

3) Visit and assist widows from AIDS and other diseases, famine, wars, genocide, etc. in many countries in Africa.

Poured Out For The Nations is under the spiritual covering of a local church and also held accountable by a board of directors of godly men.  Dov is married to Suzanne and has two children, Jack and Jana. They reside in the Houston, Texas area.

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