The Auschwitz Of America In Houston Where 9000 Babies Were Murdered In 2011

Helping the defenseless

Getting ready to preach outside of the Auschwitz of Houston – Planned Parenthood.

THE AUSCHWITZ OF AMERICA IN HOUSTON —9000 Babies Murdered At This Facility In 2011!

“Open thy mouth for the dumb in the cause of all such as are appointed to destruction.  Open thy mouth, judge righteously, and plead the cause of the poor and needy.” Proverbs 31:8

We continue to go and pray for the babies in Houston slated for death at the hands of their own mothers at the world’s second largest baby killing clinic.

Like the Jews at Auschwitz the babies are de-humanized to legitimize their killing in the eyes of man. However, in the eyes of the LORD they are precious babies who are murdered mostly so their parents can continue to fornicate without the responsibility of raising the children they have produced.


Please join us in prayer for the babies and that this killing center would be shut down in Houston.



They Call It The ‘Auschwitz Of America’ In Houston, Texas

The Auschwitz of America

What if we told you that right here, in one of America’s largest cities, is a factory that runs day and night, and exists for the sole purpose of torturing and killing little babies in the womb? Would you care? What if we also told you that Planned Parenthood estimates figure that this particular facility in Houston, TX, needs approximately a MINIMUM of 49 dead babies a day just to make enough money to break even? What would your reaction be to that? We are talking about the Planned Parenthood facility at 4600 Gulf Fwy Ste 300 in Houston, Texas.

The building, off the Gulf Freeway, opened to patients quietly in 2010. The $26 million project, dubbed Prevention Park, is the largest Planned Parenthood administrative and medical facility in the nation. It also serves as the headquarters for 12 clinics — 10 in Texas and two in Louisiana. And what are they “preventing”? – life.

Planned Parenthood has roots in Nazism

Planned Parenthood was started by Margaret Sanger, and has it’s roots and beginnings in Nazi ideals and doctrines. Sanger was closely tied to Ernst Rudin, who served as Hitler’s director of genetic sterilization. An April 1933 article by Rudin – entitled “Eugenic Sterilization: An Urgent Need” – for Sanger’s monthly magazine, The Birth Control Review, detailed the establishment of the Nazi Society for Racial Hygiene and advocated its replication in the United States. And it was indeed ‘replicated in America’ as Planned Parenthood.

Celebrating death…literally

Last year, several Texas Democratic women’s group got together and held their annual Christmas party on site at this massive abortion clinic in Houston. Michael Berry, a conservative talk radio host on Houston’s KTRH, said the idea of holding a holiday party at a Planned Parenthood is disgusting and an insult.

“Celebrating the ‘holiday’ of Christmas, which marks the birth of Christ, at an abortion clinic is an insult to Christians, and frankly, to every American,” Berry said. “Democrats think it’s festive to get drunk at an abortion clinic? I guess this would be their ‘choice’?”

ObamaCare kills babies with taxpayer dollars

The Supreme Court upheld the Affordable Care Act (ACA), President Obama’s historic health care reform law.  We’ve been anticipating this day for months and we can finally celebrate.  The decision means that millions of women, men and families will have access to basic, preventive health care.  Tens of thousands of women and men across our service area who lacked health insurance or adequate health care coverage will now have an opportunity to access to affordable, quality health care. source – Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast.

The Affordable Care Act by Obama means that YOU, the American citizen, is helping to fund this massive enterprise of around-the-clock death. Remember when President Obama PROMISED that his ObamaCare would not fund abortion with taxpayer monies? Well, he lied…and you are funding his war machine with every paycheck you cash. Do you think that America will somehow escape God’s judgment for this evil? Think again…and get involved!

Poured Out For The Nations is actively targeting and praying against this factory of death through prayer and on-site protest. We ask that you would please join with us with your prayers and support to work together to shut this place down for good. We will be reporting on this facility quite a lot in the very near future as we begin to come against them in spiritual warfare. Please join us!