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Dear Poured Out Followers Of Messiah Jesus,

In this letter I am giving a missions update. Our great Messiah Jesus told us that we must go therefore and make disciples in all the nations (Matthew 24:18). So, this Poured Out Missions update is a report and snapshot of many things our ministry is supporting and/or doing. Components of our missions work include praying, giving, going and we do all three at different levels and at different times with many different people.

Once again I would like to re-introduce our dear brother Lassina. He is from a people group called the Dogosse (doe go say). There are only 40,000 of them in the world and their religion is Muslim/Animists, meaning they have a veneer or outward profession and tradition of Islam, while they worship their dead ancestors with many tribal and what I call “witchcrafty” ceremonies.

Lassina has a linguistics Master’s Degree and speaks about five languages. He and his team have created a written Dogosse language, translated Bible books into that language, and they teach the Dogosse people how to read this new language by teaching them the Bible books they have translated! What a powerful and important work! Truly they are winning Dogosse Muslims to Messiah Jesus and as they turn from Islam to follow Jesus Christ heaven rejoices! Lassina and the Dogosse are in Burkina Faso, a small country in West Africa in the neighborhood of Mali, Cameroon, and Ivory Coast.

Here is a recent update received from Lassina:
update from Lassina“Dear friends, Receive my greetings in Jesus Christ name. So he told them, “Let your net down on the right side of your boat, and you will catch some fish. They did, and the net was so full of fish that they could not drag it up into the boat (John 21:6).We bless the Lord Jesus that despite the financial crisis, the Dogosse translation team were able to finish the translation work. Today the 4th May, we finished the typesetting in Cameroon and the file will be sent to Korea for New Testament copies printing. We are going back to our country Burkina Faso on the 5th May with the example of the Dogosse New Testament after the typesetting. Praise the Lord Jesus! Thanks a lot for your prayers and continue to pray for our travel, the printing in Korea, and for the heart of Dogosse people as God can transform their life with the Dogosse Scriptures.”

I have been twice to Burkina Faso and worked closely with Lassina. It is an honor and privilege to know and partner with such a special Kingdom person as Lassina. We support him financially through the year and look for much fruit that will remain forever to come from this man’s faithful work!

Texas Trip

Before leaving the USA the Lord gave me one big final assignment, which was the planting of a new congregation of believers in our Lord Jesus Christ. So, in July 2014 we planted Calvary Chapel Beth Shalom in Pearland, TX. This congregation is affiliated with the Calvary Chapels around the world and also has the Messianic flavor of teaching the Bible from its original Jewish context.

Calvary Chapel Pearland has a very specific mission statement:
calvary chapel“We exist to make authentic disciples of Jesus Christ according to the Word of God in preparation for the glorious Second Coming of Messiah Jesus!”

I want to ask you who are reading this letter to please pray for this very special church congregation. At the time my family was moving to Israel, the Lord raised up the new pastor, Ray Jensen, and he is such a special man of God. We are a congregation that is truly committed to the unwavering truth in the love of Christ.

It has been since October 2015 that I visited the congregation, and in June when many of you are reading this letter, I will be ministering at CCBS. I will be leading and teaching at two Sunday meetings, two prayer meetings, and a Bible study or two as they meet on Saturday evenings for Bible study. I am coming back to Texas to minister and pray for an anointing of the life of Messiah Jesus to touch the precious ones while I am there.

So, please take a moment and pray for Lassina and my Texas trip as I “go therefore” in obedience to our great Messiah Jesus! Remember, praying, giving, and going. Time is growing short–join in as much as possible while there is a little time.

Dov Schwarz

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