Newsletter – May 2017


May 2017

“We are rejoicing to be Poured Out For The Nations!”

Dear Poured Out Followers of Our Dear Messiah Jesus,

Dov Schwarz here with an update of our plans to go out with the gospel and to visit precious orphans and widows at a refugee camp in Uganda. Two special people from the USA are joining me on this trip. I am departing from Israel to meet them. One is Dee Warren from the Houston, TX area (the Africans call her “Mama Dee”). The other is Ken Merrill departing from Washington State. In this letter I would like you to hear from them regarding this special Kingdom outreach.

Mama Dee
Being a witness for Jesus Christ has profound effects in Africa where women are valued lower than livestock. There is no greater joy than showing them in Scripture how much our Lord and Savior values even them. Here is the testimony of a widow, who lost her husband and children in the 1994 genocide in Rwanda: “What you have told us here today regarding God, we did not know. We will go back and tell those who were unable to come today.” Not realizing American women have problems too, I am also able to assure them through Scripture the Lord who bound up my broken heart will do the same for them. Orphans particularly love hearing that Jesus has gone to prepare a place for believers, yes, even them.

Romans 10:14-15 asks how people will know about the Lord unless someone goes to them. The answer is they will not know. I look forward to sharing the Truth of scripture with the women and children on the Watch Therefore Ministries/Poured Out For The Nations trip to Uganda in May, 2017. Dee Warren

Ken Merrill
I am looking forward to this, my third mission trip to Africa with Pastor Dov and Poured Out for the Nations, but the first to the refugee camp in southern Uganda to serve “the least of these”. My name is Ken Merrill, now residing in Vancouver WA, where my wife Bev and I serve in our local church. I retired from the Alaska State Troopers after 20 years of service, after retiring Bev and I served nearly 4 years as missionaries in Rwanda, Africa where we helped to build a village for orphans, where I was the village director. Upon returning to the United States I returned to school finishing my Bachelors degree in Biblical Foundations at Multnomah University.

As I stated above this will be my third trip to Africa with Dov. The first two were spent in Rwanda and the DRC (Democratic Republic of Congo). Those trips had a two prong agenda with one ultimate goal. The goal with those trips as well as this up coming trip to Uganda remains the same, to see as many souls as possible come to know the eternal saving grace of our Lord Jesus Christ.

This goal was accomplished, on the one prong of Bible teaching and preaching of Pastor Dov, in local churches and pastor conferences. The other prong was to have a long term presence working with Pastor Lewi, a Rwandan and power of the Lord.

On our original trip we were looking at ways to start another village for Rwandan orphans and other vulnerable children along the same idea of what I had worked with before. As we spoke with officials within the government it became apparent that the philosophy concerning orphans and orphanages within Rwanda had changed, that instead of orphan villages they preferred returning the orphans to their own villages to live with relatives or adoptive parents. Which of course, is the best option for these children.

We modified our original plan of a village to a boarding school, where these vulnerable children would come to stay during the schools terms and return to their home villages between terms. The idea was, not only to have the children’s school, but also a training area for adults to learn about hydroponics and aquaponics, skills that would help them provide for their own families and create a business model that would provide them with much needed income.

As with any kingdom work, it takes much prayer and also capital. Even though we had a comprehensive plan and government support, it became evident that through our prayers the timing was not in Gods will at that time. In our humanness we were disappointed, but could rejoice in the fact that God had answered our prayer of making it clear, either, yes or no. And that time the right doors were not opened in Rwanda.

During this upcoming trip we will still be partnering with Pastor Lewi who has started a primary school with over 360 orphans and vulnerable children at the refugee camp in Uganda. As before, our two prong approach will continue with Pastor Dov teaching and preaching the good news of Jesus Christ and looking for opportunities to serve with Pastor Lewi to help with long term sustainability projects to help these precious children. Ken Merrill

Please pray for this special trip according to what you have read in this letter. Also, you can still help with financial needs-please only as the Holy Spirit leads. My own (Dov Schwarz) personal expenses are about $3,000 which includes plane fare, hotel rooms, rental vehicle, food, and other expenses on the ground associated with pastors and widows meetings. Remember missions strategies: PRAYING, GIVING, GOING!

Praising King Jesus!


Dov Schwarz


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