Newsletter – June 2017


June 2017

“We are rejoicing to be Poured Out For The Nations!”


Dear Poured Out Followers of Our Dear Messiah Jesus,

What an amazingly fruitful trip we had in Uganda!!! In this letter I will do my best to communicate a few of the things we experienced-there was so much. It was like a month of fruitful labor in eight days. Dee Warren (Mama Dee), Ken Merrill, and myself were the incoming team hosted by our partner Pastor Muhoza Lewi.

We spent our time in two primary environments-church meetings and the Nakivale Refugee Camp. Nakivale has about 124,000 people from nine African countries who have fled from violence and now live on the sprawling countryside camp. In the area of the camp we worked there is no running water and no electricity.

Response To The Gospel!

During this trip we saw about eighty-five precious souls pray to receive Jesus as Lord! Sadly, we are in a modern church environment that facilitates programs, entertainment, and good morals, but often times not much in the way of people being saved from their sin and the terrible place called hell! So, let’s remember what our Savior told us:
Matthew 18:11
For the Son of Man has come to save that which was lost.

Luke 15:7
I say to you that likewise there will be more joy in heaven over ones inner who repents than over ninety-nine just persons who need no repentance.


So, though we do not know for sure which ones of those who prayed truly repented and received Messiah Jesus-we rejoice with heaven for those who truly did! Many of those who prayed are orphaned and vulnerable children-praise King Jesus!

“Send It Ahead” Uganda Orphan Refugee Program!

We know that our Lord told us that we should lay up our treasures in heaven. We cannot take it with us when we go, but we can “Send It Ahead”! Pastor Lewi has undertaken a huge task of caring for and educating 364 orphans on this camp! They were wandering around dirty, neglected, and without schooling. Today they are clean, cared for, and going to a little school he started. There are ten teachers who receive almost no pay.  These children only eat one meal per day, the drinking water is very compromised, and the teachers need to be paid $100 monthly.
So, under the “Send It Ahead” program we have our first initiatives: WFT. 
Water: Water well with a pump, 10,000 liter tank, piping,and drip irrigation.

Food:Five acres of crops that will be made possible by the water project.

Teachers: Monthly pay ($1000) for 10 teachers.


Ken Merrill, who has the experience of managing the building and operations of a three million dollar orphan village in Rwanda, is the project manager. Dee Warren, who has much experience in Africa with orphans and widows, is also involved in planning and development. We are putting a plan together and details will be on our website soon. You can begin praying and paying for the project immediately. Of course all donations are tax deductible. So, SEND IT AHEAD!

Pastors and Women’s Conferences

 “Mama Dee” led two ladies conferences in Uganda. One was on the camp and another in a church. Remember, many of these ladies are widows and some were made so by the violence from which many fled into Uganda. These ladies have seen horrors that are beyond the imagination of those in the USA. It is just hard to associate with such suffering. But our compassionate Savior has given Mama Dee a heart for these precious ladies.


I led two pastors conferences at the same time as the Ladies conferences. They were both well attended and received. Our Watch Therefore, Poured Out, and Blessing Israeli Believers partners joined together to help provide special meals for the pastors, ladies, and orphan and vulnerable children-Hallelujah!


Once again, I say that only by eternity will we be able to measure the totality of the fruit from this trip! To all who prayerfully and financially participated-I thank you, but more importantly know that together we are bearing fruit that will remain! (John 15:16)

Dov Schwarz


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