Newsletter – November 2017


"We are rejoicing to be Poured Out For The Nations!"

Dear Poured Out Followers of Messiah Jesus,

I am going to divide this letter into three components and pray it blesses you tremendously! Here are the three divisions: a word from the Word, an example of fruit from our TV program, and a great development from our “Send It Ahead Program.” First let’s look at a word from the Word.

I do not have to pay very close attention to daily events in the world that surrounds us to know how bad it is out there. What a dark and dangerous thick forest of weirdness this world is today! What great help do I have to keep me on the path of righteousness in this creepy and strange jungle of darkness?

Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path. Psalm 119:105

Today, more than ever, have a daily plan to READ YOUR BIBLE. As I came across this simple yet powerful verse of scripture I stopped and thanked our great Savior Jesus for His powerful word that keeps me like a compass on a journey through a great wilderness! Don’t be surprised when you stumble in the darkness if you neglect to keep the lamp in front of your feet. No, instead keep the narrow path of righteousness, which leads to life, lit with the light of His Word!


Most every time we record an episode of Watch Therefore, I share the gospel. I also ask for anyone who has prayed to receive Jesus as Lord to contact us so that we can send a brochure instructing them with helpful hints regarding new faith first steps. It is called “How To Begin My New Life in Christ.”

I am confident that many people do receive the Lord without contacting us, but something happened recently for the first time. A dear man contacted our ministry requesting the brochure! What does this mean? This is the first person who has reached out in response to the gospel! Dear friends, this is my heart and I pray yours also: We are here at this moment in time to lead people to their Savior Jesus.

For those who are watching, enjoying, praying for, and even financially supporting the program—I pray this blesses you too! Watch Therefore TV is such a powerful tool to provoke the lukewarm and lost to repent and turn to the Lord. Thanks and let’s keep going!

We just paid Living Water Intl. to drill a water well for our 364 orphan and vulnerable children on a refugee camp in Uganda! I am very thankful for all the support that came in so quickly for the well. Now, please pray with us for the process to be successful and a well that will provide clean drinking water for these precious children! Remember, this water will also be used for crops so the children may eat twice per day since they currently only eat once most days.

Praise and thanks to our great King Jesus!!!

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