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  1. ACLJ political speech is not Christian and does not belong on a Christian radio station. The spokespersons have a right to their opinion, not to the facts. Of course they control the mikes and cutoff the listener who calls in with a dissenting opinion, from their radio “bully pulpit”. As Christians we should always be asking ourselves, what would Jesus do or say?

    The ACLJ mantra: “Obama is bad, Bush was good” is ridiculous. I am unsure if it is merely ignorant or evil in its intent.

    A Christian cannot support bombings that kills 1,000,000 civilians (Iraq body count), especially when Iraq did not attack us, did not threaten us, had no weapons of mass destruction, and according to US military’s own reports, had no foreign fighters among the ranks we were fighting (approx 1% foreign fighters estimated). The CIA supported Saddam Hussein when it already knew he was a butcher prior to his rise to power in the 1970s and helped him develop a chemical capability that Saddam then used against Iran (in the ’80s) and then the Kurds. At the time of these crimes the US stood 100% behind Saddam.

    Bush II lied in our faces when he said Saddam was trying to buy yellow cake uranium when he had already received ambassador Wilson’s investigation report concluding the exact opposite, then punished the ambassador by destroying with impunity the career of his wife.

    I am familiar with the Iran-Contra affair and the US protected drug traffic to illegally fund the Contras violating the Boland amendment (a deal that involved Israel) Do you want the other side of the story, or do you prefer to hide the facts from your listeners?

    Do we want perhaps to discuss how the CIA developed, funded and trained the Taliban in camps in Saudi Arabia and Pakistan? Are you not aware of the visits of the Taliban to Washington, and Colin Powell’s delivering to them $30 million a mere two months before 9-11? Do we want to discuss US support for the terrorist group Jundullah, or how about the fact that US ally, the chief of Pakistani intelligence service, funded the 9-11 operations, and the US government still supports Pakistan? Would you want to know how the murderer of Daniel Pearl was trained in US-British training camps to become a terrorist?

    Christians should not support war crimes, concentration camps, torture, bombing of hospitals, execution of good Samaritans, etc. from any government at war, or terrorism whether committed by nationalist Arabs, white supremacists, the contras, US-protected Cubans blowing civilian airliners, or Israeli commandos blowing up hotels.

    Your ACLJ spokespeople should explain to your listeners that only six -that is not a misprint- out of thousands US-armed and trained “moderate” fighters in Syria did not go into ISIS carrying their training and US weaponry with them. Far from this being a surprise, it was predicted by a US intelligence estimate – which I have read.

    The petition you promote for the US to go and fight ISIS is a joke. This would be the US fighting itself. The US created ISIS, at least it trained and armed thousands of its fighters, The leader of ISIS was a prisoner of the US and the US let him go. We can see in ISIS advance videos that ISIS is driving and operating US weaponry, even M-16s. Furthermore, the US facilitated arms transfers to ISIS from Libya, and ambassador Stevens knew of the transaction. Even Fox news reported this.

    You, you of all radio stations that profess Christianity, are not telling the truth. That is inconsistent with the teachings of Christ. You need to worry for your souls, but then I am assuming that you’re sincere when professing your Christianity. If you are fellow Christians, I challenge you as a Christian to do the right thing and speak truth to power. Christ did. Perhaps you’ll have the courage to read this and pass it on to your ACLJ spokespeople, for their game is up.

    I am an Army veteran with seven years of honorable service, including two years in the 7th Special Forces Group. I still stand ready to defend the Constitution against all enemies, foreign or domestic.

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